Huh, Ok, SWEET!

POSTED: 5/26/2020 @ 12:14 am

Hey everyone, Adam D. here. I was doing a little work on the site and figured I would update the blog while I was in here. I've been working on updating the site at a slow pace between creating art and learning JavaScript. I recently decided to take on the language after getting back into HTML/CSS and have been letting it take up a lot of my time. I've been using various resources online to learn the language and also been poking around with the Phaser framework while I'm at it. It's been a trying, but rewarding process, as I wasn't finding js all that intuitive at first. I'm getting there, though.

Looking into JavaScript also got me looking into frameworks for js and, as stated above, I found Phaser and started messing around with it. I've been finding it helpful for learning more about gJavaScript and also game development itself. I'm looking to see how I can incorporate Phaser into the site in some interesting ways and hope to be sharing some cool things related to the framework in the future. That said, I still have a lot of work to do here on the basic site, like adding some basic JavaScript powered features, including a better format for the blog. One step at a time, I suppose.

Well, thanks for listening. Signing off.

-Adam D.

The Site is NEW!

POSTED: 5/21/2020 @ 09:08 am

FLAGRANTROBOT has scussessfully moved the website from Wix web hosting over to GitHub! It's an exciting time. When I launched the website a couple of years ago, I wanted to get it up and running as quickly as possible. I bought a Wix account, set up a template, and sort of forgot about it from there. Fast forward a couple of years and I finally decided that it was time to freshen up on my HTML and CSS knowledge. The site, in its current form, is barebones, and is really only the skeletal framework for something much bigger than originally proposed. If you've decided to join us, thanks for checking out the site! I know it's not much to look at right now, but give me a couple more days and the site should be beautiful and dynamic. Thanks for your time and stay tuned for some announcements and stuff!

-Adam D.

We're Moving!

POSTED: 5/20/2020 @ 11:48 pm

Hey everyone, Adam here. Figured I would move the blog over as well. I was gonna archive/retype the old blog posts on from the old site, but there's only a handful of them and they're old anyway. Fresh is best I guess. Anyway, I'll have a more formal layout going here in this space soon where I'll be discussing my process, thoughts on current events, the arts, and modern software development. I'll be posting more, keeping a news feed on the home landing page, and am going to try to have more of a livestreaming presence on Twitch and a more active YouTube channel. Hope you all stick around and thanks for stopping by! Sorry everything is so basic at the moment, but we'll be back in full swing soon!

-Adam D.